Welcome to my Bowl store.  Check my bowls and prices from the species listed.  These are updated upon availability.   If you see a decorative bowl in the Bowl Alley that interests you or you would like a bowl finish that is compatible with every day food use please contact me.  If you have a tree from your home place or want a bowl for a special occasion I will try to accommodate your needs, with no certain guarantees , due to the nature of wood that is beyond my control.  Wood is traditionally to be given for a 5th annivesary.  If taken care of, wooden bowls have the capability to endure for years to come, as much so as the dining table or cedar chest that has been passed down through generations.

Now in a large house there are not only gold and silver bowls,  
but also those of wood and clay   2 Timothy 2:20a

                              Maximum Shipping $25.00 per order

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18 in cypress bowl
18 inch cypress
salad bowl