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Mark Smith  Monticello AR


                          Hickory Bowl

             Sassafras salad bowl 


Welcome to my Woodturning Website

Each bowl has been given its own unique characteristics by a Maker far greater than myself.  My aim is to uncover these hidden wonders that lie deep within a tree.   

I have always been interested in woodworking.  In 2001 a grandaughter clock I was building called for half spindles on the front.  I managed to turn it with a drill press and a crude homemade tool, then sawed it in half.  I bought a cheap lathe and tools and played.  My wife bought me a better set of turning tools and I began making pens from assorted woods and deer antler.  To me this was repetitious and after a spell my interest dwindled.  A couple of years ago I became interested in bowl turning.  I have better turning tools now (sorry, honey) and bigger and more precise lathes. I am having the time of my life creating beautiful hand turned wooden bowls and vases from Oak, Pecan, Hickory, Maple, Cedar, Holly, Chinaberry, Black gum (tupelo), Walnut, Cherry Sycamore, Wild pear and other species of wood found here in southeast Arkansas.  It seems that almost every bowl or vase is my "favorite" hand crafted piece.  I have created this website to share my love of woodturning.  I hope you enjoy.  

Osage Orange Bowl 

Elm Pot

ELm Pot.