Inside A Tree

I recently made some bowls for a lady from a tree obtained from her childhood home place. It was a Red Oak  tree and the bowls turned out great.  She wrote a poem and gave it to me.  It IS of God from whom the intricate and minute details of a Wooden bowl are provided. It is only my goal to uncover these hidden wonders.   Here's the poem Mrs. Sperling wrote.    


 Inside A Tree


Mother Nature, some may say,

Gives us blessings through the day.

Scenes of beauty, sounds of joy,

Graceful ladies, bare-foot boy.

Rivers flowing, hills of green,

Pop up flowers in between.


Forest homes for deer and squirrel,

Provide food for all the waiting world.

Trees for shelter, warmth, and shade,

All of this our God has made.


He gave us wood, to fill our needs,

So many blessings from God's trees.

The heart, the pulp, the grain,  the bark,

Were trusted to my friend called Mark.





If you have a tree from your home place and would like to turn it into a memory that will last for generations, let me know.  If you are local I can try to accommodate your needs.




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